InjectionMany sufferers of back and neck pain who find their discomfort unresponsive to medication want to avoid narcotic medications for fear of developing a habit, or because they want to avoid the side effects. These same individuals may not be ready to undergo surgery. What other options are out there? There are many back pain sufferers who receive injections to eliminate or help manage back pain. As with anything else, however, there are advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will outline the basic pros and cons of spinal injections and offer an alternative.

  • Injection Benefits: The benefits of spinal injections are meant to be pain relief, better range of motion, and quality of life as a result of greater spinal control. This reprieve may make it easier for the patient to stand and walk, or sit and lay down, depending on the pain type. A major benefit of injections is that they are designed for outpatients and much less invasive than surgery.
  • Injection Risks: Injections can be entirely safe, or they can be dangerous. Anytime a new substance is introduced into the body, there are risks. Effectual risks such as local pain, nausea, anxiety, and headaches are much more common than rare risks such as infection, arachnoiditis, or meningitis.

As another option, spine decompression/therapy, is a less invasive, less risky, and more comfortable way to eradicate pain.