ExerciseIn accordance with any spine decompression surgery, the five exercises below promise success in re-strengthening.

  • McKenzie Exercises: The namesake therapy process of Dr. Robin McKenzie, M.D., is meant to centralize pain at the back to alleviate leg pain which can prevent the need for surgery. Leg pain is more often the worse of the two and causes patients to cross the surgery threshold. The McKenzie method is intended to isolate pain to the back only, which relieves the legs. This is especially effective for degenerative disc disease sufferers.


  • Dynamic Lumbar Stabilizers: Through these exercises, a therapist or trainer can help you locate the position in which your spine is most comfortable and pain-free and then train your body to operate with this spine position in mind.


  • Yoga: Especially in sessions or classes with a trained instructor, yoga can be beneficial for nearly everyone and every unique body. Yoga is gentle, modifiable, and alignment-focused.


  • Pilates: Cousin to Yoga, Pilates is also alignment-focused and can help regenerate core strength, which will support the back and hips for better fluidity of movement and less pressure on the spine.


  • Tai Chi: For those with lower tolerance for exercise at their current stage of pain, tai chi is a very slow, controlled, and focused method of exercise.