Consider Non-Surgical Spine Decompression for Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain, leg pain, or sciatic nerve discomfort? Are you tired of taking medications with a laundry list of side effects or being painfully injected in hopes of relief? Are you considering an invasive, costly surgery? There is hope. If your pain stems from a pressured pinched nerve, bulging and herniated disc, or symptoms relating to sciatica, stenosis, degenerative spondylolisthesis, lumbar spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, or even aging, you have probably run the gamut of treatment and management options for your pain. Pain is likely radiating through your back and into your legs which stops you from going about life in the way you would like. For some, spinal extension is the only relief; sitting to drive, eat, or work at a computer is agonizing. For others, standing, walking, and especially reaching are the difficult activities, making enough mobility for a desired lifestyle beyond reach.Nonsurgical decompression typically consists of computer-controlled mechanical traction devices that train your body not to resist external force or spasm with stimulation. Speak with a specialist to learn more.

  • Sourcing the Back Pain: Spine Decompression Can Help

Sourcing the Back Pain: Spine Decompression Can Help

A major part of pain relief comes from understanding it and knowing its source(s). A great deal of back and leg pain comes from chemical effects on nerve roots due to inflammation. Spine decompression/traction […]

  • 5 Best Exercise Methods for Spine Decompression and Pain

5 Best Exercise Methods for Spine Decompression and Pain

In accordance with any spine decompression surgery, the five exercises below promise success in re-strengthening.

McKenzie Exercises: The namesake therapy process of Dr. Robin McKenzie, M.D., is meant to centralize pain at the back […]

  • Spinal Decompression Variations: What Will Work for You?

Spinal Decompression Variations: What Will Work for You?

Are you considering spinal decompression as an alternative to medications, injections, and therapies that aren’t enough? There are varying types of decompression that may suit your needs and alleviate your back and neck pain. […]

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